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When you know it or not, every step you take online is being noted and seen. Your data is being processed, stored and used. Obviously when you leave your email address, name and personal data you are aware what and to who you give your data. However you mostly don’t know what those people, company’s do with it. Even when you are not entering personal information, your data is being stored. Be it with cookies, pixels or other background data collectors. We are all aware that privacy is becoming more and more an issue and therefore new laws are being installed. These laws are binding for profit organisations, but also for non-profit organisations and even bloggers like me.

Since you are visiting my blog it is my duty to ask your permission and inform you what information I collect from you, what I do with it and how you can remove your information.

Let’s go!

  • You can receive an automatic email when I post a new blog. That means entering your email address to follow my blog. Your email address will only be used for that single purpose. I wont sell it and wont use it for any other means. If you don’t want to follow anymore 🙁 simply un-subscribe and your email address will be deleted.
  • You can contact me via my contact page. I will ask you to submit your name, email address and of course your comment. I wont share your details with others.
  • Any ads on this blog are put up by the hosting service of my blog, WordPress, and are linked to your own internet surfing behaviour. This is not from me, nor am I being paid to have ads on my blog.
  • WordPress is delivering me updates, monthly, weekly and daily about the traffic on my website. I’m not controlling this, this is being organised by WordPress.
  • My website does have cookies (as mentioned in the cookie pop-up)
  • If by any chance you left a comment that you regret, simply drop me an email at and I will remove it.
  • Last but not least, I am the only one managing this blog. No other people will have access to your email address or other given information.

I hope you continue to have fun scrolling through my page.

Cheers! 🙂


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