Meet Anna


My name is Anna and I’m the thriving power behind this website. I am a part-time blogger, part-time short story writer with an e-book on the way.

(oh yeah, I also work 5 days a week in logistics but that’s my side-job ;-))

As long as I can remember I have been dreaming and writing. I combined that with my everlasting desire to help other people reaching there personal and job related goals and this website was the end result (or should I say start) of that.

So with all that said about me, let me ask you;

Are you happy with your life? Do you need help here and there? Are you holding yourself back?

Get out of your comfort zone!

Hope you will find the needed push to be a bigger, better version of the already kickass you.

With love,



If you have any questions for me, about me or if you need help please feel free to contact me at

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