To-do lists can be Stressing

Lying in bed, pondering about the things you forgot to do today. Forgot to send a happy birthday wish, forgot to call your mother, forgot to do the laundry and the trash bin also needs emptying. Oh well, just have to get up a little bit earlier tomorrow morning. It just doesn’t make any sence, working your ass off, running all day from work to the gym to family and friends and at the end of the day the to-do-list hasn’t gotten shorter, it only seems to grow and grow.

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For a lot of people a daily to-do list helps them not to forget about important things that need to get done. But along the way the things that can wait or the things that are not that big a priority also end up on the same list. After time the list becomes so cluttered, full and never-ending that it becomes a pressure. The important fun stuff on the list becomes a burden and the joy you should find in doing them will fade away. The to-do list becomes ineffective and overly complicated putting much unnecessary pressure on the tasks and you as a person.

Do yourself a favor, make priorities and create a new list with only those priorities. Is it really that bad when you do your laundry a day later? The world still keeps spinning when you skip your gym class, trust me. And the family reunion is supposed to be a fun thing – so alow yourself time to arrange it, making it an entertaining activity and not a burden or pressure because you NEED to arrange it. Take the time each week to make a new list, keeping it fresh and positive.

Make priorities, what makes you happy, gives you joy or relaxes you? It can be as simple as a long bath, taking a walk or having a glass of wine at night looking the stars.

5 tips to help you relax

Put it on the top of your to-do list so you wont forget that is something you need to do in order to take on the rest of your list.

Take the pressure of yourself – relax – breath 


Note – I’m not talking about your list with life goals and dreams that you are pursuing. I’m talking about the day-to-day or week-to-week lists. 

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  1. Girl this is spot on. I used to live in my own flat (recently moved back home to save) and getting everything done on time the washing the cleaning etc and I was a state. I moved home and realised it doesn’t matter, in the grand scheme of life, having a spotless kitchen isn’t going to make me happy. I make a to do list, but it’s for the week, and it’s when I feel happy to do it 🙂

  2. So true! A lot of times, we are the ones causing the stress on ourselves by the lists we create that can easy be pared down.

    Alana Nicole|

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