The Puzzle Called Life

It doesn’t matter for me, summer or winter, cold or hot, evening or day time. I’m always up for playing games, card bord games or puzzling by myself (look like my grandma when I do ;-))

One night not so long ago I was making a puzzle of 2000 pieces and I couldn’t figure it out. Time and patience saved me, it took me nearly a month but I got it. I finished it. Puzzling itself is nice, it calms my thoughts and takes my stress away. I can think and over think if I want to, if I don’t want to I just keep finding pieces. One month later I finished the puzzle and also figured out a solution for a problem that had been bugging me for 3 years.

I realized there are times in our lives when we run into problems. Problems that are not in line with our perception of how it should be or should go. Problems like puzzles that need to get put together. Some problems are easy like a child’s puzzle with only 6 pieces but sometimes it are puzzles that can have 1000 pieces and you cant figure out how to put it together.

image1 (1)
Complete the puzzle of life!

Like a puzzle a problem is best looked at from a distance. You find the edges and work your way in untill all pieces fit together.

But what do you do when it seems you are missing one single pieces of the puzzle? When you cant figure out what the true issue and problem seems to be?

You simply start a new. I don’t mean you run away from your problem, but you have to find your missing piece else where if you want to complete it.

The puzzle box should hold all the pieces. If you are missing a piece, look inside and see if you can find it. If not, I indulge you to take a look outside the box. See if you can find it close by, or if you have to look far away, jumping in the deep. It doesn’t matter where you look, as long as you are looking you are not giving up. You are stepping outside the box and who knows….

Maybe you will find the piece you where looking for or you decide to make a new puzzle (piece).

Find your missing puzzle piece and make sure you complete the puzzle of life!



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