Why you should Never say Never

An old friend of mine once said “Never say Never” at a moment when I needed to hear it the most. I remember laughing about it and carried on talking like it where meaningless words dropped middle in a conversation. Just months, even years later I heard the true meaning behind them.

It was the beginning of something or it was the end of nothing. Regardless of what it was those words came flowing back in my mind like a summer breeze on a hot night.

I was busy worrying summer-night-1711648_1920again, contemplating if I was on the right road and which turn I should take at the crossroad that I was finding myself on. All of a sudden I heard those words in my mind and I smiled. The heavy weight I felt on my shoulders for quite some time just lifted like someone took a burden away from me.

I realized that no matter how much time and effort you put in figuring out your future, your steps and journey there will always be things you just cannot foresee. Things you always disregarded as NEVER will happen can suddenly appear like a rainbow in the sky.

By thinking negative, you will always be two steps behind others who think positive. Never is a meaningless word. When you use it to often you will be trapped in thinking for someone else, making assumptions justified and based on nothing.

People change, people are ever-changing, that is the beauty in humans. We evolve, learn and change, we always have and always will. By saying ‘never’ you will be holding yourself back.

Did you ever break a promise? Did you ever think you wouldn’t do something and turns out you would? Did you ever caught yourself lying to yourself? Of course you did, life lessons change your way of thinking. 

When I heard those words again I felt okay. I felt that it was okay to change, even though it where changes I wouldn’t have thought in making years ago.

“Never say Never” to me means opportunity, hope & happiness.

Because who knows what beauty the future will bring when you let never go.





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  1. These are very true words. I have heard myself say never often and I realise how much that holds me back. Maybe one day I will tackle my ‘nevers’

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