5 Steps To Make Your Dreams Reality

5 Steps To Make Your Dreams Reality

Dreams are ideas of things you want to do, things you want to see, or who you want to become. Big, imaginary ideas that you think you can’t do or shouldnt follow.

The question is, is it true? Shouldnt you be following your dreams?

The answer is, YES you should. If you really have a dream about yourself and the future than go and follow your dream!

You owe it to yourself to at least give it your best shot in making your dreams come true. You live only once, you cant do it over again. There are no second chances, if you want something than you owe it to yourself to do that now.

“But sweet and dear Anna, how in the world am I suppose to do that? What I want and dream is not possible?!”

Are you thinking this now?

STOP! seriously STOP.

Lets make an agreement. An agreement between YOU and ME. Right here and right now, okay?

That was the last time you let that thought into your mind. 

Block it out, because you can, maybe it needs altering but nevertheless, you can do it.


I’ll give you some tools to work with. I’m not saying I can make your dreams come true, I don’t even know your dreams. But never think that your dream, your life goal is not worth pursuing, that would be simply said, not true and really sad.

Step 1 

Determine if your dream is merely a dream passing by or something that you really want to do. Sometimes we don’t realize what we want. We think we want one thing, but when push comes to shove we don’t want it after all. So determine if you want what you think you want.

Step 2

Write it down

Sound stupid right? But when you write down what you want, your dream all of a sudden becomes something real. You have put it on paper, it is there, it is real.

Your dream just became a goal.

Step 3

Decide what you need to do, need to have, need to create to make your goal reality.

Step 4

Okay, you have an idea of what you need to make your goal real. Now we are going to break this up into little small goals. For example, save money, get a course, talk to people, ask for help etc. This is all depending on your goal and dream.

Step 5

Go create your own life, your dream, your goal. Make it your reality.

When you break it down into little pieces it can be overwhelming but that is why you need to take small steps at a time. It also makes it more visible and reachable. With each step you take you come a bit closer to your end goal.

Which path will you choose?

Everyone has dreams, and everyone has more than one aswell. Start with a dream, not necessarily your biggest dream, and see for yourself that you can make it happen.

I did and if I can do it, anyone can.

One of my dreams was to get my truck license, this was not my biggest dream, my biggest dream takes some more time, more effort and is a life changing one. Nevertheless I did get my license and with that I made one of my dreams come true. It gave me a sence of power, I can do this. People laughed at me, made rude comments to my face and behind my back, yet that didn’t stopped me. I wanted this and I did it, just like that. There will always be people around you who don’t agree with you, don’t let that set you back. They are not important, you are the star in your own movie, remember that.

Even for my truck license I made a plan and broke it up in small goals;

  • Money
    • I needed to save money and put other things aside in order to get to this amount.
  • Time
    • I needed time to take courses and lessons. With that I needed to put some social occasions on hold, spend my holiday days and my time learning instead.
  • Help with technic
    • I needed help to understand the technic of trucks in order for me to pass the paper exam.

Each goal I reached separately and when all combined I reached my goal. I’m not saying it is always easy to get what you want or need. For example, I had never in my life asked someone to help me study and help me learn something. I’m smart and learn easily, but technic! this was far out of my league and I desperately needed help. I turned to a friend of who I thought would help me, yet I was setup for disappointment, he was not willing to make time for me. At that time it was very frustrating, but I was so determined to get my license that by this setback I was forced to look for other options and once I passed my exam I couldn’t have been more proud. When I look back on this journey, I’m more proud of passing this exam that passing for the driving tests, it was THAT difficult for me.

When you are reaching for your dream feel free to alter you plans, your goals and dreams. We are human beings and life around us, life situations change. You might create new dreams and decide they are worth more of your time.

You do need to realize the bigger the dream the more commitment and investment it takes from you. You might even have to sacrifice somethings in the process. This can be your life style, friends or family who you thought would stick with you, all depending on your goal.

It is probably a leap of faith but once you have made the jump you’ll see how right the decision is. You have the power to control your own future. How it will end up, what you will be doing and with who you turn old and grey with.

Surround yourself with people who can help you, who support you no matter what. Keep the people around who will have your back and stand by your side. You will hit set backs and they will be the ones telling you to keep going and help you were needed. You need positive people in your life.

My own biggest dream is a work in process. A little over 4 years ago I recognized one of my biggest dreams and I was ready to go do it. Yet I realized it, but didn’t make a plan, didn’t write it down, didn’t take action, till 2 years ago.

I made a plan, broke it up into pieces and small goals and at this time I can proudly say I have checked of 4 items off the list. Definitely on my way and my end goal in within reach.

My biggest wish for you, for who ever reading, is that you follow your heart and own your life. I have so many hopes and dreams for myself en for my friends and family. Of course they are my hopes and dreams for them but I badly want for everyone to make the best of life. Dont let it pass you by till one day you realize it is too late.

Do what you love and be with the one you truly desire.

There is no re-take of life, you have one chance, one life.

Give it your best shot, you owe that to yourself.



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    1. A little motivation is all we need sometimes😊 have a wonderful day and make your dreams come true! 🙏🏻🍀

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