Why You Should Rock Your Feminine Side



Feminine, it is a nice word but what does it mean?

According to Wikipedia it means; ‘Feminine or femininity, normally refers to qualities positively associated with women.’

A good description, in my opinion, of course there are also qualities negatively associated with women but lets not address those. I mean, clearly there are only a few and it wouldn’t be worth the space on my page right? 😉

man woman
How feminine or masculine are you?

Note for my (SUPER) men readers ;

Yes! This post is about women, I understand if you want to skip this one, but if you dare to read on, maybe you will learn a thing or two about the female creatures walking this planet.

Now that we have defined feminine lets take a closer look and find out how that works from day-to-day. What are those feminine traits and more importantly how can you use them?

Being feminine has nothing to do with short dresses, high heels and red lipstick. Yes those are sexy, but no, those have nothing to do with the feminine energy you give. Below things however do;

Empathy, sensitivity and tenderness

Women are by far more sensitive and tender then men. We have it in our nature to care and take care of others, women are nurturing creatures by nature. Women have the ability to feel empathic to others and other people’s problems. We can feel the joy, sadness and madness from someone else and think about it by replacing ourselves in the others situation. Find your empathic side, be sensitive and tender towards yourself and others.


Women handle emotions differently than men. Dont hold them inside, let them out. Feel your sadness, feel your joy and let it out. Dont be scared to show your feelings, they make you who you are. Sing, dance and smile when your are happy, scream, sob and cry when you are sad or mad.

It is OKAY to feel! After all we are human. Dont hold it in, but FEEL.

Although men mostly don’t know how to react to emotions, they do care about them. They might not show it, but a woman who is not in touch with her feelings and emotions isn’t a feminine woman, and that is what men will notice and see.


Be the woman who walks inside a room, filling it with her natural energy. You don’t need to be skinny, you don’t need to have big breasts, you don’t need to be a super model to accomplish this. Women who are radiant shine from within. They are happy with their self, they are confident.

Be sensual, be happy and love your body.

Unfortunately these traits are not embraced anymore by a lot of women, making them lose their natural feminine energy. We are living in a world where the masculine energy is high. Power struggles within organisations for the highest position, politics and whole success models are built on the masculine energy.

It has taken years and years, battle after battle to even have the same rights as men. Women have worked hard to get to the place of independency we are today. But along the way we have lost a tremendous deal of our feminine energy and that part is crucial to define and out stand from men. Women these days work masculine jobs, talk with a masculine tong and act like they are men thinking that it makes them better, wanted. Let me tell you this, it is your feminine side what attracts men, not your know it all masculine side. Your feminine side that can persuade men and your feminine side that sets you apart and defines you as a women and person.

A few examples on how some women think we need to be, instead of being who we actually are.

For example, having a conversation with a man and giving him your ‘free’ advise is not okay. Men don’t care about it, unless they ask you for it, obviously.

For example, just because you work a masculine job doesn’t mean you have to act like a man. Don’t go talking like a man just to be liked, respected more. Men will respect you more when you stay true to yourself, a woman.

For example, you don’t need to know everything when talking to a man, please don’t be that woman who knows better, giving free advise about a mans career and life. It will make you feel good and you think you had a nice conversation but masculine men need to figure things out by themselves. When wanted/needed they will ask you for advise or help in their own time and place.

I’m not saying women shouldnt have a career or work a masculine job. The time is now to do so, however don’t loose your feminine side in the process.

When talking to men I wont pretend to know it all just because I want to be respected or acknowledged more. Even the opposite, I have learned by being more open and receptive, men are more eager to learn and help me. (of course not the always busy ones 😉 )

My point, there are MEN and WOMEN on this planet, each with their own qualities. That is what makes us different and compatible.

Carefull for not becoming the man you wanted to marry.


I want to add that with this post I’m not undermining women and women’s power. On the contrary, I believe strongly in the independence of women and encourage this with whole my heart. Like Beyonce said ‘who run the world? GIRLS’ ❤️ But while doing it, keep your femininity

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