Comparing apples with oranges

2 AM in the morning and I’m awake. Lying in bed looking at the ceiling worrying about the things I didn’t get a chance to do. I should have prepared better, make a to-do list so I wouldn’t forget to call my mother, pay attention to my friends and actually listen to what people have to say. That I should remember that the laundry wouldn’t do itself and the mop needs my guidance through my obstacle house. Why didn’t I have a jar with change in my hallway with money for charity? I imaginary gave myself a kick in the ass, because last year I agreed with myself it is okay not to be perfect.

Sometimes it hits me, the pressure, the why don’t I, the I should have. The thoughts come mostly when I let my self being sucked back in the game of want, need and expectation. It all comes from the pressure that we put on ourselves these days. The wanting to be somebody, the need to be needed and the pressure to be the ultimate best of ourselves.  Women want to have that flashy career and the independency that goes along with that,  so we work all day and are available 24/7 for texts, calls and emails. But we also need to be that good wife, we need to be that perfect sweet mother and we need to be the go-to best friend. We need to be perfect in being the role model for our children, so we buy the books and read the articles online on how to raise children, because we simply don’t have the time to look for the answers ourselves like our parents did. We need to be that best friend who is always available to turn to for advice, so we install messaging services on our phone and with every bleep we reply with an emoji that suits the situation. I’m not saying that this is wrong, im not saying this is right either, however I keep wondering if this the way.

Maybe we need to take a step back and with that I mean decades back. Look back to the time where people would have actual conversations with each other, face to face not face to Facebook. Where people could hear intonation in voice and see a facial expression instead of an emoji. The time where peace, cleanliness and regularity where the rules to live by. Not only when having children but throughout all stages of life these rules where something to life by.

Sure technology evolves, masculine men become more feminine, feminine woman become more masculine, needless to say times have changed dramatically and with that our way of life changed. Our lives have become far more complicated with the pressure of today’s society.

Yet we can’t compare our grandparents or parents way of living with that of ours, that would be comparing apples with oranges but apple-1868383_1920we can look back and learn from it.

Learning that it is okay not to go to the gym at night because you are tired.

Learning that it is okay not to pick up the phone when you are reading a bedtime story for the kids.

Learning that it is okay to just sit down and do nothing else then being you.

You know, a stress or a burn-out doesn’t come from working hard, it comes from wanting to much all at once. We feel the need to be successful in so many things that ultimately we forget to be successful in living.

So relax, take a step back and just breath!

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