Bucket list aka Do-While-I-Live-List

A bucket list is not a list of greatest accomplishments, a list to make other people jealous, no, in the contrary. For me it is a list of things I want to do because I think I will find excitement, peace and happiness in doing them. Not a Do-Before-I-Die-List, but a Do-While-I-Live-List, lets call it that from now on, agreed?

I’m sure I will keep adding and hopefully keep crossing out items on my Do-While-I-Live-List.

My list:

  • Parachute jumping or sky diving
  • Skinny dipping in an abandon lake surrounded by trees
  • Getting my truck license  √ Done
  • Sled dog ride
  • Writing a book and getting it published
  • Road trip through Norway
  • See the Northern lights
  • Meditate in nature

Do you have a Do-While-I-Live-List? What did you already cross out?

Curious to hear your stories, dreams and goals.


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